BAS time

Want to make sure BAS time isn't a horrible nightmare. We can take the pain out of BAS time.

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Virtual Bookkeeping

Sounds way too out there for you? Well its not as strange as you think and can save you tons of money.

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Business Set Up

Not sure where to start or even how..? Start with us, we will get you on your feet from the word go! With planning, registering, and even structuring advice.

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Responsive Blog

Up to 3 Blog Layouts, Bootstrap 3 ready, responsive on all media devices

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Welcome to Open Bookkeeping

Ever felt like its all just too much? Is your bookwork harder than the real work?  We can help you.


Here at Open Bookkeeping we strive to make your life easier while still making sure your BAS requirements are met. We complete customized reports that are in a format you can read and understand, so that you better informed on the position of your business.
We provide a complete bookkeeping solution for your business either at your office or virtually, saving you time and money.
See our Bookkeeping page for more information.

Business Planning

Business planning is also a feature that we have introduced, as so many people have a great business idea but don’t know where or how to start and end up wasting so much time and money to find themselves getting no where and giving up.  Let us guide you along the way with Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Business Registration help, and so much more.

So you realize you need help,… call 1300 257 117 we will organize a chat about your business needs.  Our qualified bookkeepers will try to assist you with the information that you need.

Call NOW if we can’t answer we will call you back promptly


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